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Only the best: Ohio Stoneware 10 gallon Ceramic Crocks for brewing.

Never stainless steel, never plastic, and never continuously brewed. Freshly brewed ferment each and every week!!


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This is a smooth and refreshing kombucha. It is flavored with whole, organic apples from Québec and fresh organic ginger. (Sencha Green Tea and Yerba Mate base)


We all know about the incredible benefits of ginger root. This flavor is simple, well balanced and always satisfying! We always use fresh organic Ginger! (Black tea base with Darjeeling & Assam tea)


A kombucha that is bold, round and bursts with flavor! Hibiscus flower is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. It helps with hypertension, respiratory infections and menstrual cramps. (Black tea base with Darjeeling & Assam tea)


If you enjoy a more sour Kombucha you’re going to like Elderberry! These sour berries contain flavonoids with antioxidant and antiviral properties. We also add some fresh ginger for an extra antiviral boost! (Sencha Green Tea and Yerba Mate base)

Wild Forest

A unique flavor that represents very well our beautiful Quebec Forests! This flavor contains Chaga, Labrador tea and Balsam Fir all foraged in Quebec! Lightly pine tasting, a little bitter and woodsy. A grounding Kombucha that leaves you with a sense of well-being. A must-try! (Black tea base with Darjeeling & Assam tea)


This well balanced flavor is both crisp and floral. It is enjoyed by many who appreciate a refreshing and invigorating kick. Try it! (Sencha Green Tea and Yerba Mate base)


This one is a nicely rounded kombucha flavor because of the black tea base and the hint of lemon, it’s like sipping on sparkling iced tea! A simple delight! (Black tea base with Darjeeling & Assam tea)

whole, hand-harvested, fairly-traded, organic, goodness….

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